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Friday, July 16, 2010

Things done today..

Stopped by my buddy's shop, UroTuning, and picked up some LED bulbs from the 42Draft Designs parts bin. Everything in the headliner will be replaced with the cool, clean, white light from a light-emitting diode. I have to figure out which type of bulb is under the dash and front seats for the footwell lighting. Hopefully, it's something easily sourced from the LED catalog to match the others. Also got an update on my order for the first exterior mod to be done, a black badgeless grille from FK.

I also emailed VWoA from the main website with my VIN and informed them that I was the new owner and would like to make sure that all Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) were completed on the car. They responded to say they had all been completed and would notify me in the future of any new TSBs to be aware of. :)

There are only a few quirks to the car that I have to sort out; the center armrest in the front squeaks when pressed down upon; the car has a "stink" of the previous owner's 3.5yrs of use (bought an air freshener, but a carpet shampooing and cabin filter replacement are likely necessary); the navigation discs are from 2003, so my house/street/development doesn't exist on the map.

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