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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parts, parts, and more parts..

Yesterday, I picked up the black FK badgeless grille from my buddy Justin @ UroTuning along with several more LEDs to finish the interior lighting. When I got home from work today, I found that my new "Touareg" aluminium door sills had arrived, along with the Votex rear spoiler that I'd ordered earlier in the week. Also in the mail this week was a replacement steering wheel, as the one currently in the car is worn beyond all repair. Photos of the parts installed below:

Fairly plain by itself...

But "pimp" when installed.

SO glad these came as they did. I'd heard horror stories about UPS bending them in the other packaging.

Plain Jane.

More "pimpage"

Need to find a paintshop...

...And, last but not least, the new wheel.

P.S. I'll post tomorrow with a complete list of LED bulbs and locations for reference. Just said he'd put together a kit for the interior, but it will be a little pricey (there are THIRTEEN lights to replace inside!)

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