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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a quick post to list out the LED bulb types and their locations. Check out the Touareg section of UroTuning in the next week to see the pricing on these. (They ain't cheap! LOL)

Front dome and map lights
- 39mm Fuse Style (1) Note: I used the High-Intensity (HI)
- 194 Wedge Style (2) (HI)

Rear map
- 194 Wedge Style (2)

- 194 Wedge Style (4)

- 42mm Fuse Style (2) (HI used on both sides)
- 39mm Fuse Style (1) for the rear hatch door

Glovebox and center console
- 194 Wedge Style (2)

I didn't replace the door lighting when opened because their usually not included in "the interior" count and aren't seen often enough to make a difference. I'm experimenting with a select couple of external bulb replacements, but so far nothing's really "poppin".

I'll be taking some high-quality photos of the interior lights to post on here and be used for the UroTuning kit.

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