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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Push-button start? Yes, please.

It's been a few days since I've posted an update, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy! Since my last post, I've installed the euro-dash cover which replaces the trays above the radio with a pop-top cubby and makes the dash look super clean.

In addition to the dash cover, I received and installed my NY GIANTS hitch cover and hitch lock. A hitch cover provides me with the chance to show support for my favorite team without adding a bumper sticker (never been a fan of those). I also received my WeatherTech mats for the front and rear seats as well as a rear cargo area mat. I'll upload photos and my initial impressions of those in a separate post.

Also to be covered in a separate post is my recent GIAC tune installed by Justin @ UroTuning. I'll just say that throttle response was improved by at least 80% and the shifts are so smooth that if I didn't have an exhaust note, I wouldn't know they were happening!

My favorite (and by far most convenient) mod is the OEM push-button start that I installed yesterday afternoon. This was purchased from SpockCat on Installation instructions were very straightforward and made life 10x easier. I've only been able to start/stop the T-Reg so far, but I should be able to just turn on the ignition once I get the hang of how the two-tier button works. I've been able to unlock the vehicle just by grasping any door handle, and now I can continue to leave the key in my pocket from start to finish!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a quick post to list out the LED bulb types and their locations. Check out the Touareg section of UroTuning in the next week to see the pricing on these. (They ain't cheap! LOL)

Front dome and map lights
- 39mm Fuse Style (1) Note: I used the High-Intensity (HI)
- 194 Wedge Style (2) (HI)

Rear map
- 194 Wedge Style (2)

- 194 Wedge Style (4)

- 42mm Fuse Style (2) (HI used on both sides)
- 39mm Fuse Style (1) for the rear hatch door

Glovebox and center console
- 194 Wedge Style (2)

I didn't replace the door lighting when opened because their usually not included in "the interior" count and aren't seen often enough to make a difference. I'm experimenting with a select couple of external bulb replacements, but so far nothing's really "poppin".

I'll be taking some high-quality photos of the interior lights to post on here and be used for the UroTuning kit.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parts, parts, and more parts..

Yesterday, I picked up the black FK badgeless grille from my buddy Justin @ UroTuning along with several more LEDs to finish the interior lighting. When I got home from work today, I found that my new "Touareg" aluminium door sills had arrived, along with the Votex rear spoiler that I'd ordered earlier in the week. Also in the mail this week was a replacement steering wheel, as the one currently in the car is worn beyond all repair. Photos of the parts installed below:

Fairly plain by itself...

But "pimp" when installed.

SO glad these came as they did. I'd heard horror stories about UPS bending them in the other packaging.

Plain Jane.

More "pimpage"

Need to find a paintshop...

...And, last but not least, the new wheel.

P.S. I'll post tomorrow with a complete list of LED bulbs and locations for reference. Just said he'd put together a kit for the interior, but it will be a little pricey (there are THIRTEEN lights to replace inside!)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tinting Options

Two things that absolutely need to be tinted are my front windows. The FL sun is far too brutal to not take protective measures against the UV rays. Another option is to tint my headlights and tailights. I'd normally take them over to my paint guy and have him do them professionally (my R32 tailights looked beautiful in their charcoal finish), but he's currently on hiatus and not painting. Enter LAMIN-X. They offer pre-cut adhesive vinyl for all makes and models, whether you want a protective clear coat or wish to add some color or darkness to the application. I definitely want to go very dark on the tailights, but will probably stick to a light smoke on the headlights so as not to reduce the light output at night. Here's a sampling of the tint options.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wheels, wheels, wheels..

My wife came up with an interesting proposal yesterday: Whoever loses 10lbs first gets to pick the new wheels for the Touareg. While the current 19x9 setup works just fine, the previous owner spent a lot of her parking attempts against the curb. Despite being on a high-profile tire, the wheel faces are all scratched in one way or another. The Bridgestones are only a few months old and still have plenty of tread on them, so the responsible thing to do would be to get a new set of 19's and just swap the tires over. However, having a $2500 allowance for wheels/tires upon winning this bet means I'm going big or going home. Here are a few possibilities ;)

Porsche 997 Turbo Reps - 22x10

Audi RS4 Reps - 22x10

Rinspeed C5/1

Friday, July 16, 2010

Things done today..

Stopped by my buddy's shop, UroTuning, and picked up some LED bulbs from the 42Draft Designs parts bin. Everything in the headliner will be replaced with the cool, clean, white light from a light-emitting diode. I have to figure out which type of bulb is under the dash and front seats for the footwell lighting. Hopefully, it's something easily sourced from the LED catalog to match the others. Also got an update on my order for the first exterior mod to be done, a black badgeless grille from FK.

I also emailed VWoA from the main website with my VIN and informed them that I was the new owner and would like to make sure that all Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) were completed on the car. They responded to say they had all been completed and would notify me in the future of any new TSBs to be aware of. :)

There are only a few quirks to the car that I have to sort out; the center armrest in the front squeaks when pressed down upon; the car has a "stink" of the previous owner's 3.5yrs of use (bought an air freshener, but a carpet shampooing and cabin filter replacement are likely necessary); the navigation discs are from 2003, so my house/street/development doesn't exist on the map.


I never documented the build-up of my previous car, a 2004 VW Golf R32. After 4 years and $10k invested, I only have my own failing memory to look back on and see each step of the process. Despite my new-to-me 2005 VW Touareg V8 having a much shorter list of potential modifications, I decided to document each and every touch I add to it. Interior, exterior, engine, electrical and mechanical, I will photograph, review and comment on each, hopefully helping another Touareg owner in their own build at some point.

Touareg Specs:
Color: Campanella White w/Kristal Grey Interior
Model Year: 2005
Engine type: 4.2
Power/ Torque: 310 bhp /302 lb-ft
Transmission: 6-speed Tiptronic© automatic transmission w/low range
Drivetrain: 4Motion full-time all-wheel drive
Mileage: 68,000mi
Original MSRP: $56,100
Options: Too many to list from memory, so I'll upload a scan of the window sticker. ;)

Some light reading on the Touareg
"Touareg - Complete Specs (USA)".
"VW Releases Details On 350Hp Touareg R50 - Carscoop".
"Volkswagen Touareg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

A potential activity :)